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Online Advertising – Google Adwords

Why adwertise on Google?

Adwerise your products to specific users who live in a certian area (depending on their geolocation). There is no obligatory ammount of money to be spent, as well as no minimal duration. With the pay-per-click option, you pay only if a user actually clicks on your ads. That specific ad is only shown to the user when he or she is searching for your service or product.

More detailed statistics are giving you insight in every cent spent in every moment. According to comScore’s independent research, Google ads react over 80% of all Internet users. The ads are shown on Google, Google’s content network that counts milions of websites (including the most popular domestic websites in each country).

“Google is the world’s biggest and most popular search engine,
and if you’re asking yourself how to place your product above your competition,
then GoogleAdwords targeted marketing is the right answer.”

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