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Bebetto brand of children’s strollers is at the very top considering it’s quality as well as it’s price and availability. Bebetto children’s strollers are completely manufactured in the European union, in the Republic of Poland, and they come with a two-year warranty. They are made of materials of the highest quality, that provide comfort for the child, as well as the parent operating the stroller. On top of that, Bebetto children’s strollers are known for their innovative solutions – their patent protected systems DMS (Direction Memory System that prevents uncontroled turning of the front wheels) and SAS (Shock Absorption System that softens the impact on the front wheels. Those systems provide a greater level of comfort and protection for your child.


Although you probably already know the phrase “a little one changes everything” by heart, you can only discover its true meaning living your own life.

A life, in which suddenly the curbs become a little too high, the trip to the 6th floor is like a trail to the eight-thousander, and everyday shopping is a trip that requires a really good strategy. A life where you often think ahead to predict all the needs of your growing toddler. A life in which tightening your home budget can be quite a challenge.

For over 10 years, we have been making parents’ lives easier and taking care of the needs of children and parents. Our car seats, bikes, prams and chairs and many other mum’s and dad’s helpers, which cannot be mentioned in one sentence, are used by millions of children around the world. With the mission of making your life easier, we carry out our activities on almost every continent and we keep developing to make our products available for even more satisfied families.

We are present in 63 countries!


Since 1990., BabyOno supports parents in the process of raising children by providing them with all the products that are needed for their children to grow up. By focusing on active parents that valie their confort and time, BabyOno has directed their product design and development in the field of dependancy, ergonomy and ease-of-use. Such parents were included in the product development process, so the results perfectly fit their needs.

BabyOno’s priority lies in creating a product that is safe to use and designed in according to European union standards. All toys were subjected to detailed Q/A before they even come close to children’s strollers. Strict supervision in every phase of the production process provides security and proves to over a million of parents accros the world that their confidence was well-placed.


Leclercbaby was developed from the ambition to be free and to increase freedom of movement for parents. Leclercbaby stands for smart solutions. Problems exist to be solved and our brand was created with this in mind. As a parent, you automatically deal with less freedom of movement, a limitation that does not need to exist, according to the pioneers behind Leclercbaby.

No written rules for parenthood
Parenting brings with it an enormous change, a world filled with love and new challenges. At Leclercbaby we want parents to feel the freedom to travel and ease parenthood. Our vision is clear: support parents in easing their daily role during this new phase of life. Our enthusiastic professionals, with a passion for simplicity, devote a great deal of attention to devising and developing high-quality goods before a product hits the market. They always ensure safety is paramount and they are focused on our core values: convenience and comfort. We have set ourselves apart from the pack with our luxury strollers.

Never alone, always together
Every parent has felt the need for an extra set of hands when it comes to folding and unfolding a stroller. This can often lead to quite some frustration, which can prevent you from offering your son or daughter the attention they deserve. Problems such as these should be a thing of the past. Therefore, we have equipped our strollers with 100% convenience. You fold and unfold our stroller with the simple push of a button, freeing your other arm to stay focused on your child. Children on the side of the road can get them selves in trouble very quickly, and our strollers help alleviate that stress. From now on, you will always be able to fully focus on your child. With this functionality, which seamlessly connects to our “smart solutions” promise, we have brought an innovative development to the market.

We deliver with love and care
Our strollers are compact, lightweight and easily stored in small spaces, keeping your modern lifestyle in mind. With great attention to detail and design, the Leclercbaby strollers have a comfortable, soft padded seat and four-wheel suspension for maximum comfort, and are available in different variants and several elegant colors. As a parent, it is important that you can focus on what really matters. If you ever have any questions about our products, contact our customer service. Our best professionals are always available to answer all your questions, and you are always helped right away. Our personal approach will ensure you always feel heard, and no question is too small. We are also available through email or our chat function. Simply reach us in your preferred way, and we will make sure it is all taken care of with the simple press of a button!

Making Parenting Easier!


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